Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Garrett showing off his athletic skills in the backyard.

Now he's flyin down the slipNslide

Homemade water slide...

And finally, Grandpa Mike or also known as Builder Mike taking a break watching the kids have fun in the sun in our lovely backyard.


The many faces of Gracie! She can hold her own with her brothers! 
In fact-she kinda causes most of the commotion, doesn't she look like an angel...


Backyard fun. We had the kids for the day & we got out the slipNslide out & both pools. Couldn't post all kids at once, so a few of each of them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Choices

This is the faucet for the tub, it will be mounted probably in the tile next to the tub. It's brushed nickel. It's not the best picture, but in real life, it looks good.

This iis the faucet for the sink. We haven't picked out the sink yet, we're looking at hammered copper, not too sure.

This is the tile we picked out at Home Depot. It's something we both agreed on. I want to add some additional colored tiles scattered throughout. So, we're still looking. There are soooo many choices out there.

Did you notice I'm on a roll, 2 more blogs in the same week...

Some Choices

This is the tub we chose. The color is biscuit. Lots of jets & a colorwheel, also has a heating element to keep the water warm.

Another view.

This is where the tub will go. Builder Mike has been pouring this stuff to level the floor

This is where the shower will go. Also starting to level out the floor. Looks like some progress!

Friday, July 18, 2008

more of the house

Builder Mike making duct work. Notice my dining table-at least it's protected. We GET to live like this for some time, it does get old, but I know what the finish result will be, & this definitely worth living through.
oops...this picture was meant to photo shop for my other blog "Bonnie's Gals". 
Builder Mike working on the plumbing for the shower.
Hey- I'm busy working...sitting in the new shower.
Side view from the stairs-looking into the new bathroom.
More to come...

my raspberry plants

Just a couple of shots of my raspberry plants. Loaded again this year!

finally an update

These next batch of pictures will show the insides of a house. We had to change some ductwork while the ceilings were exposed. We moved the air intake from next to the smoke detector in hallway to the highest point of the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen. This was a bit warm! to say the least. You cannot believe how hot it gets in the attic space. Mike had to crawl around up there, I only had to stand on the ladder to help hold ductwork.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yikes!!! I've been Tagged...

OK- I'll play along, I've been tagged by the blogging bandit.
How to play
'This Game of TagPost'
these rules on your blog.
List 3 Joys, 3 Fears,3 Goals, 3 Current obsessions/collections,
3 Random facts about yourself
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3 Joys: Family, Friends, Career
3 Fears: Drowning, Illness of a family member, Death of a family member
3 Goals: Finish our remodel in a timely manner, Get out of debt, Loose weight
(yeh right)
3 Current obsessions/collections: Jewelry(beads-I need more...), Photography,
Quilting ( just bought a quilting machine)
3 Random facts: There is nothing random about me...I love to salt my tortilla chips before dipping into salsa, I would rather pull weeds than clean, & finally I can't wait to buy my Convertible Mini-Cooper next year.
OK...Tag you're it...Gena, Lizz, Jennifer, Kim S, & Teri

My Front Yard

While Mike is hammering & sawing inside, I'm cleaning up the yard. I spent several days & all day on the 4th to get all the leaves and under brush that was growing cleared away. The kids came over right after I was done to admire the park in grandma's yard (I'm sure they really weren't admiring it, just sounds good to think they might). Anyways, our old bathtub is in the backyard filled with water waiting for them, & it was too tempting, so I had the need to cool down. The kids thought it was great fun, they climbed in too.

Going, going, gone...

Well, the final sheet rock on this project is done-it's all down! & guess who had to put it all in the garbage cans...Well, I actually got a system down. Mike would throw the sheets of broken sheet rock off the landing off the family room, into the garbage can & then I would take each piece & break it into tiny pieces to get it all into the can. Hot & dirty!!!
So, with all the sheet rock down, Mike is building a new supporting wall for the roof to sit on before he removes the old wall. Lots of planning has gone into this next stage, making sure that there is enough support there & on the main floor ceiling under to help support the roof. Also, we are redirecting the intake vents to the new air conditioner/furnace. On Tuesday we get to order the new tub. YAY YAY YAY YAY
I'm also going to start to choose tile and counter for the upstairs bathroom. We've decided on the cabinet-it will be the same company that built our fabulous book case last fall.