Friday, May 14, 2010

What we've been up to...

Since finishing the main construction on the house, we have made several quick trips so far this year. We went to Arizona & Oregon to see our grandkids (parents too). When we got home, spring was trying to get here-the key word is trying- with all the rain and snow, my tulips finally came up. We will probably start the next project in July-main floor bathroom, then maybe a deck in the backyard.

This is a photo of our front room all painted with some pictures hanging on the walls.
Reesie at the Oregon Omni standing in front of a blower.
Serious Griffin opening his birthday present (zhu zhu), he was VERY excited!
Maddox posing for grandma.
Jack showing off his riding skills on his new bike he got for Christmas.
Gracie posing, She finally let me put her hair in ponytails.
Garrett showing off his rock climbing skills.
Oh how I miss these kids (and their parents too). Everyone will be home the end of June, YAY. In the meantime, Builder Mike and I will be heading down to my favorite place on earth-Lake Powell. But in the meantime, busy working in the yard, organizing the garage, and getting ready for summer.