Saturday, December 11, 2010

Early Thanksgiving at Maggie's

This past November. Builder Mike and I drove to Rapid City to spend an early Thanksgiving with Maggie and Heath. We had a rough start, we hit black ice in Provo Canyon. Luckily we were in the big a*s truck! Builder Mike has an F-350 w oversized tires and a lift. Good thing too, we started to slide towards my side into the guard rail taking out a bunch of orange barrells and taking out about 5 wooden posts on the gaurd rail (the Provo River was just on the other side of the gaurd rail, by the way). Then we continued to slide to the other side of the road into the concrete divider, also taking out a few more orange barrells. We finally came to a stop and we both were surprised we were still upright in the truck. Builder Mike got out of the truck to walk around looking for any damage when a highway patrol pulled up beind us. It was still dark and lightly snowing, the HP guy stayed in his car and used his loud speaker to ask "please come to my car" and then he said "are you alright". He never once got out of his patrol car. At this point, Builder Mike didn't see anything (remember it's still dark) and the truck was still driveable. So we continued on our way. As it turns out, the truck is still in the shop with > $4000.00 worth of damage, Builder Mike went to an orthopedist for his back and I got an rx from the guys at work for a muscle relaxer. At least we didn't go over the rail and the truck didn't flip!

This first picture is looking out standing on the front porch. They live in the Black Hills of SD, only about 15 minutes from Mt. Rushmore.

Standing in the kitchen and dining looking towards the front room, a sliding glass door to a wrap around porch.
Master bedroom
Guest room
Front room, Maggie and Heath painted the walls green, looks great!
Standing in front room looking into kitchen
Front room, great fireplace
Front of the house
Front side
Side porch
Front Porch
Back yard

Back yard where Heath has set up their archery targets
More back yard

Standing in the backyard looking out over their neighbohood