Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More stairs

Once again, I have placed the pictures in the wrong order....
This is our new sliding glass door, Builder Mike has since resided the back of the house since I took this picture.
The L shape of the stairs, we are not going to put back the ballister and spindles, we are going to make it a solid wall, easier and less expensive, since I wanted to paint the other. Oh that hole next to the stairs-it was the door to the garage and that has to move.

Looking down the stairs to the basement .
Builder Mike built the new stairs in place, then removed the old ones, MESSY!!!
We are getting there...slowly but surely!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dining room

Since the kichen is mostly done (backsplash & appliance cabinet still need to be installed), Builder Mike started on changing the direction of the stairs. Who knew that changing directions would make such a mess! More sheetrock had to be torn down in the basement stairway. More sheetrock dust, sawdust, and just dust, dust, dust!
Anyways, it has given the main floor so much more room with the stairs going the L shape instead of the U shape. More room for our dining table (which is still in the front room).