Friday, December 12, 2008

The Tiling has begun

Somehow these pictures always go in the wrong order. Anyways, this is the ceiling & the niche tiled.
The niche-it was very time consuming for builder Mike & Professional Tiler Aaron.
Placing 12 x 12 tiles on the ceiling was a little scarey-hoping they would stay tight, & they did.
Professional Tiler Aaron applying the mud to the ceiling. He first had to cover the entire shower with this stuff called KURDI. It's a waterproof layer. We couldn't have done this without his help. 
The KURDI is all in & ready to go.

Grandma's Girls November 2008

I think Reese has had enough of getting pictures taken!
She has the cutest chubby cheeks.
Cousins! Gracie would sit next to Reese & just pat her.
I think Gracie wants to be a model.

Pink is her color!

Grandma's Boys November 2008

Maddox at the schoolyard near Rebecca's house. This was right after our Thanksgiving dinner.

We were very happy that we had great weather this time of the year. All the kids were able to play outside. I don't know when we will all be together again, with Elizabeth's family now in Arizona and Jennifer will always be in Oregon.
This how Jack shows he is NOT happy with something. He folds is arms, pouts and doesn't talk to anyone!
He will even turn his back on you, especially if you're trying to get a picture.
This is curious Griffin, he looks so serious.
All the kids, except Reese, playing on the swings in our backyard.

Paint choices

This is our bedroom with the closet removed, it was work! The carpet came out, we are going to be laying hardwood flooring. Hopefully that will help with the allergies. We had the room textured also. If you read my previous blog from the first of November, you will know what we went through with the painters. It looks terrific now.
Our bed is in the family room. I'm glad there is enough room. It is kinda weird to have your bed in the family room. When I get tired of watching tv, I just jump into bed, builder Mike stays up & watches all his tivo'ed shows. 

Our bedroom. This picture makes it look really bright & shiny & it really isn't. It's a deep red, we bought the paint from Home Depot(our home away from home), it's a Ralph Lauren color.

This is our front room. It's hard to tell the color, but it's a buttery pale yellow. Jennifer has a room painted in this color & I really liked it. We are going to be putting up white beadboard eventually, & hardwood floors.


2008 Halloween
Gracie the fairy princess, Rebecca the black fairy, & just Jack-he wanted to be himself.

This is Count Garrett(scarry!)

Here's our fairy princess Gracie-she like to pose!

Maggie & Heath going to a Halloween party as Miss Flash Dance & Richard Simmons

this is our front room that has just gotten textured.