Saturday, June 27, 2009

the Kitchen update

We are getting soooo close, it's hard to wait. We didn't want to take out the sink while all the kids were visiting, so we waited till now. Yay! It feels like we're almost done... Well not done, but closer. Builder Mike took out the rest of the cabinet, counters, dishwasher, & sink out yesterday. (I dragged everything to the trash.)  Then we (he) had to take out all the old plumbing, change the heating vent, etc.  Then insulate everything. We're mostly insulating the inside walls for sound. Next is to get sheetrock/taping bids, painting, CABINETS, plumbing, tiling, then we can use it. We're almost there!!!

Dino Museum

We took the kids to Thanksgiving Point   Dino museum.  Kinda pricey for only being there for 1 1/2 hours. Maybe when they get older they night want to spend more time, oh well, it was still fun.

Pool Fun

We took the kids to the Scera Pool. They had a blast. Too bad it couldn't have been sunny and warm the whole time they were here visiting.







Pop Top Collection

I thought I would show everyone how many pop tops I have collected.  This is one of those Hefty zip "BIG BAGS". It's almost full.

I  want to thank everyone who donates to my personal cause of saving these pop tops. I will donate them in Claire's name to Primary Children's Hospital. They turn them in for money to help families stay in the Ronald McDonald house when needed. It's something we started when Claire was going to Primary's and I have the need to keep saving the tops.
Thanks for helping me.