Saturday, January 17, 2009

We have moved back in our room...YAY

We are waiting for blinds to get here & installed.  . We got a new bed frame, had 2 nightstands built to match the new bed, & a new quilt. It brightens up the room.

Our new closet- all built in. I love it. Tons of storage room!

Being installed, the doors aren't on here, but this is the inside.

I bought this shower curtain from Anthropology (I love that store).

The cabinet installer hasn't quite finished the doors to the vanity, he's missing a backstop.

The only thing left is to caulk around the tub, then it's really ready to go.

We are so close to being done with this whole phase. We (me) are hoping to have EVERYTHING done by Feb 12th.  We are going to Lake Powell on Feb 13th to rest, relax & not think about the next phase...the KITCHEN.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost finished bathroom...

Christmas morning. Maggie sitting on our bed in the family room next to our Christmas tree.

The working toilet. YAY YAY YAY. No more going downstairs during the middle of the night.  YAY!!!!
Enhanced tile but not grouted yet.

Unenhanced tile.

These next few pictures are of the tile in the bathroom that has been sealed & enhanced.


As you can see, Builder Mike is hard at work setting the tile around the tub. This is just the beginning. Once this was in & dry, I had to clean all the thinset off to get ready to grout it. Now that was not easy & it is very messy. But the end results look great.

These next few pictures are the shower & floor. The shower hasn't been grouted yet, but the floor has been grouted & sealed with an enhancer.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update with no pictures


My laptop has been in the shop for about 3 weeks now & hopefully next week I will get it back to download some pictures.  All the tile is in, we only need to grout the shower. The tub & TOILET (yay) is in. Builder Mike has already tried out the tub. I am going to need to get a clock for in there. Since the main tiling is done, we have started on laying the hardwood floor to our bedroom. It is so nice! We (really Builder Mike) had to level out our floor, add a new 1/4 inch subfloor, & is now laying the wood flooring. Yipeeee. We need to be done with the entire upstairs project before Feb 13, that's when we are going down to Lake Powell for some much needed rest & to  design the kitchen-again Yipeee!  I just hope the Blue Buoy (houseboat) is easy to find & no smoke damage since the big fire. Hopefully this time next week I'll have photos to view. ta ta till then  :)