Sunday, February 21, 2010

Front door & more

Our new front door. Solid wood (I forgot what kind), but Builder Mike stained, sanded, polyurethaned, sanded... many times! Don't you love the 'clavos'- those are the rustic decorative nails.

I think it looks way classy!!!
Our new chair and table, waiting for an area rug to go under (to match the dining table rug). Chair from RCW and table from PB.
The carpeted stairs, I think my favorite part of the remodel...well, close second to the kitchen!
We are now waiting for the bead board to show up. In the meantime, lots of little details need to be finished up. Right about now, with the snow still coming down, I want to be at LAKE POWELL!!! One test left for this semester and I will have my free time back, Yeah!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wood floors & more...

The front room! The cardboard shapes on the floor is my new (pretend) furniture. We needed to see how much room there was going to be-either a sofa and a love seat or two love seats...two love seats facing each other is the winner. In this room Builder Mike still needs to put up the bead board, then baseboards, furniture and window coverings. Soooooo close!!!
A view from standing at the front door looking in towards the dining room.
The dining room with lots of "extra stuff" in this photo...compressor, flooring, buckets, etc.
Another view of front room.
Standing on the carpeted stairs looking down at the dining room and kitchen.
Dining room with an area rug, I think it looks terrific if I do say so! Also notice out the windows our snow is melting-YAY!!!
Our new front door being stained in our new front room. Builder Mike wanted the new door in before the bead board goes up, so we got a solid wood door with lots of character and in the process of staining.
Another view...
Well, that's it for now. Waiting for the bead board to arrive, then stain it, and install. In the meantime, lots of little things to get done. Organizing rooms that are overstuffed with stuff. When the weather gets warmer-the GARAGE!!! Then of course in the middle of March our trips start to visit all the girls. Also, before we head out anywhere I will be DONE with my first semester of school ! One paper and a test left, I can't believe I did it. Then a few months off to play this summer and then finish up in the fall. I will have my BSN the end of January 2011.
Hip Hip Hooray!!!