Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's been awhile since I posted anything & Blogger has changed it's format, so hopefully I'll download the photos in the right order, but if I dfon't...oh well! We have been busy with the re-do of the basement.Since Builder Mike is unemployed, he has a full time job & more being a contractor, framer, electrician, plumber, tiler (is that what they call someone who lays tile?), sheet rock hanger, etc!!! I get to go to work 3 days a week & when I'm home I get to do all the clean-up!!! I can tell you I am very profiecient at breaking up old sheet rock & packing the garbage cans so full they are almost impossible to move. So here goes with the photos...

 I'm taking the vinyl up by the vanity area, we're gonna tile the whole basement except for the bedrooms & the stairs

 See the ceiling above Builder Mike's head...
 Now you don't...

 The Family room as we started this project
This bedroom has two bunkbeds unassembled in it as well
 One of the bedrooms storing stuff
The family room sofas set up in the Cowboy room temporarily

 Insulating the grandkids "Cowboy" room
Starting to take out the railing

Building the frame for stairs

 This photo should have been posted before the one on top-this is how
 Builder Mike frames a wall

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More remodeling...the basement

Well, we started to finish the basement. It was finished until we remodeled our kitchen & had to take ceilings down in the "cowboy" room-which really is the kids bunk/toy room. Also, since we brought up the washer & dryer to the main floor, that left that spot to be redone. No photos of that on my camera, only my cell phone & I havent sent them to the computer yet, but they will be coming. we go again.
Can you see the ceiling above Builder Mike's head...
See it start to go...
And there you have it...completely torn down in record breaking time!
One of the rooms with all the toys from the cowboy room
The other room has all the bedding & additional toys-I am gonna have to go thru all the toys before they go back in.
So here we have the closet of the room we are demolishing-
a short wall has already been torn down
Torn down sheet rock in the family room ready for me (the little buddy) who gets to take it upstairs to the garbage cans. I have gotten very well at packing sheetrock into the cans, it's amazing how much you can stack if it's in small enough pieces!
Builder Mike working on electrical-notice the walls are still in place.

Builder Mike contemplating on his next move, think, think, think...
This is the new arrangement of the bunkbeds.
It opens the room more & you even can see out the window.
Now you see it...
Now you don't...
Oh what a mess torn down sheetrock is!!!
And look it's all cleaned up, both cans are filled to the brim!
We have lots of plans for this room. No more closet or built in shelves. Just something that is more moveable-like stacking bins. The tv will be mounted to the wall & the vhs/dvd player will be recessed into the wall under the tv. Which means that it will take out a shelf in the bathroom closet behind this wall. Another room that will need to be repaired. That's ok, we are going to tile the entire basement floor-family room, bathroom, vanity area. New carpet for stairs & cowboy room. All new paint too, & we may panel a wall with hardwood flooring we already have.
So, let the work begin...
Hopefully I will keep up on this project with blogging more often!

Sledding in Eden

We spent the day after Christmas up in Eden with Rebecca & her gang. We did presents & then the kids went sledding, we had a great time!!!

There they go...
Heath boarding across the driveway, pictures got downloaded in reverse.

After the kids sled/ski down the hill, my jeep was used to bring everyone up. I think the kids liked this the best!!!

Rebecca, Presley & Grace

Grandpa Mike going down the hill on a bikeboard-Jason took an old bike & attatched it to an old snowboard. The kids were trying it, so why not Grandpa!

end of the run...
Everyone had a blast. This was a great time to get together & play. There was good food & lots of people. Jason's parents came down to join us & his brother too.
I think some of the kids went out & played until dark.
All 8 kids were playing (Kingston just kinda watched).