Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fire on the lake

Back in November of 2008, there was a major fire at Halls Crossing at Lake Powell. Our houseboat was docked at D19.  I think about 15-20 boats/houseboats were destroyed. Docks D and F were also burnt. Those 2 docks were taken over to Bullfrog. We went over to Bullfrog and took a couple of photos of the docks, they were kinda melted.  There was a boat still at Halls, it was pretty well damaged from the fire. We were very lucky with our houseboat, there was a lot of soot and footprints all over the deck. We were very lucky!!!

Rest and Relaxation

Well, I sure don't have the hang of down loading photos, I always have the last photo first. Oh well... We had a great time at Lake Powell, it was great during the day, but it sure was COLD once the sun went down. We had a day of clouds and a little rain. It was cold that day too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spare time...

OK, here's the scoop... we are kinda done with the upstairs for the moment-a long moment, just a few little things here and there to finish up, like installing molding on  the window (first we need to pop it out and have the outer glass repaired-to be done in the spring when it is NOT snowing), install the curtain rod and make curtains for that window,  and take a little break. Well the break was going to be this weekend, but then the storm came in with lots and lots of snow, so we are headed out to Lake Powell next week. We will leave next Thurs the 19th; it will have to better weather than we are having now. Builder Mike didn't want to drive pulling the boat in a snow storm through Spanish Fork Canyon (I wonder why...). Anyways, I have had a little free time to just do stuff. I first made a shower curtain and curtain for Rebecca (see her blog), and I made a tu tu and magic wand for Gracie, kinda of a bribe, but anyways, I think it turned out very cute. At the mall, they charge over $40,  and I made it for all of about $6.00. Now Elizabeth needs to take Gracies picture in it and post. Really, she should make these and sell at a lower price than mall prices. So, with this free time (after working my 40 plus hrs a week, trying to keep up with regular house stuff, I'm packing for Powell).  I can't wait. I am hoping the water is calm, I expect we will be the only ones down there, so not worried about "crowds", but I want Builder Mike to become Captain Mike and find a big sandy beach near by. 6 whole days at Powell will do wonders. While we are down there, we are going to be sketching plans for the kitchen. We both will draw up plans and compare ideas. Then when we get home, after unpacking, we will start the kitchen. The end of March we will be going to Arizona to visit the kids. This is just the beginning of a lot trips for the year. I will keep everyone updated with photos and progress on the kitchen and of course  my favorite place to be...Lake Powell.
This is the magic wand

the tu tu