Saturday, June 28, 2008

missing photos

I think my photoss are too large, so here the strawberry fields & rose garden (bush).

I'm actually having a difficult time with this next set of pictures. I thought I would share my backyard. I love my yard right after I mow & edge ( Mike is Builder Bob right now). Everything is so green & the flowers are blooming. I have included my strawberry fields (really it's only a patch) -they are about 12 inches tall. Also, my sweet pink rose bush has totally grown out of control this year- it's almost 6 years old. I pruned it way back, and it continues to send out shoots with roses. One would think I knew what I was doing with rose plants...Anyways, the grandkids love to play in grandma's yard. They take control of the hose & all sprinkler attatchments when they come over. Another thing I've done to my my blog is add some links that I like to go to. My very favorite is 'The Pioneer Woman', she's a great storyteller, has great recipes (with step by step instructions/pictures), & great hints with photography. The other links are what I typically look at every day-especially 'People, Perez Hilton, & TMZ'. So enjoy. Also, try doing that Personality DNA-kinda fun. TA ta for now...

Friday, June 27, 2008

the bathrooms...

We have officially dc'd our bathroom upstairs. Mike had to cut the toilet drain in order to put the new sub-flooring down in the new area we are making (our vaulted air we are adding floor to). We took out the linen closet on the main floor and made the main floor bathroom probably double the size. We are not taking out the toilet or the tub, just new cabinets, tile flooring,& tile around the tub. It will look great! I'm thinking of white distressed cabinets (like what we are going to put in the kitchen) & gray-blue painted walls, & slate colored tiles. I need to you to comment on those colors...what do you think? Since the bathroom is now coming off the front room, I'm going to be painting that room a very pale yellow to match the sofas I found at RCWilley, so I hope they don't clash to much.

Saturday, June 14, 2008



Construction continues...

This one is looking down from the 2nd floor-hanging out of the bathroom. The next picture is of our bedroom/bathroom wall, it's alot different than it used to be. And the last picture is how we are living through all of this. It's a major construction zone. I have pretty much given up on the dusting, and I try to vacuum every week (unless we get a nail or splinter in our foot).
We still don't have a finish date. Things unexpectedly come up- like our recent visit to San Francisco (I sure enjoyed going to Santa Cruz and Fisherman's Wharf, probably for the last time). Next week is the Widowmaker, so we will just do stuff till around 2pm when Mike leaves for work.There is some stuff you can't really see, like plumbing and electrical.

and continues...