Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sledding in Eden

We spent the day after Christmas up in Eden with Rebecca & her gang. We did presents & then the kids went sledding, we had a great time!!!

There they go...
Heath boarding across the driveway, pictures got downloaded in reverse.

After the kids sled/ski down the hill, my jeep was used to bring everyone up. I think the kids liked this the best!!!

Rebecca, Presley & Grace

Grandpa Mike going down the hill on a bikeboard-Jason took an old bike & attatched it to an old snowboard. The kids were trying it, so why not Grandpa!

end of the run...
Everyone had a blast. This was a great time to get together & play. There was good food & lots of people. Jason's parents came down to join us & his brother too.
I think some of the kids went out & played until dark.
All 8 kids were playing (Kingston just kinda watched).


liz said...

fun! we had such a great time at rebecca's house!